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The Chinese Library – HK – I went twice!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Once for lunch and had delicious dim sum, I have to love the sweet dim sum desserts (egg tarts, deep fried dumplings with Nutella filling, Mochis and sesame ice cream). I especially liked the Mochis filled with dark chocolate and rolled in nuts, oh they are so delicious!

Did you know that Mochis are sticky rice that gets hit with a wood bat? Look at my Japan post to see more on Mochis!

I went again for dinner in October 

The Chinese Library
Lotus Stem It tasted slightly sour and was beautifully cut. – Very tasty!

Century Egg This dish is wrapped in rice husks for several weeks which changes the flavour. I like it!

Dumpling Platter

There are three different types of dumplings a crab dumpling (the crab dumpling is my favourite!), a mushroom one and a shao long bao (the shao long bao is too spicy for my taste, it has a laksa soup filling)

Unfortunately I was too hungry to take photos!

The Noodles Delicious rice noodles with beef & beansprouts

The Goose! One of my favourites – the meat is soft and has a lovely fine taste – I wish I had ordered it.


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