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Metropolis Roof Garden Restaurant

Welcome, to another delightful culinary adventure! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the Metropolis Roof garden restaurant, perched atop the magnificent Electra Metropolis hotel. Prepare to be mesmerised by the breathtaking view that unfolds before your eyes—an awe-inspiring panorama that encompasses the majestic Akropolis and the vibrant city of Athens. To truly make the most of this experience, I highly recommend booking a table around 8:30 pm - should you come in June or July - just in time to witness the captivating sunset that paints the sky with its vibrant hues.

Now, let us dive into the exquisite feast that awaits at Metropolis Roof. Our culinary journey in the Metropolis Roof Garden Restaurant commenced with a starter that left us speechless—the Greek blue crab. Alas, its tantalising aroma proved too irresistible, and we devoured it with such haste that capturing a photo was an impossible feat. Succulent and bursting with flavour, the Greek fresh blue crab was accompanied by an array of delectable adornments. Imagine a perfectly balanced dance of flavours, with bottarga mayo lending a velvety richness, pickled radish providing a tangy delight, and a spicy cucumber broth and coriander oil adding a refreshing touch of vibrancy. But what is bottarga, you may ask? It is a true delicacy—a pouch of salted, cured fish roe typically crafted from the grey mullet or the bluefin tuna—a true embodiment of the sea's treasures.

Moving on to our choice of main courses, we embarked on a delectable journey of flavours. The Greek lamb, a personal favourite, proved to be a revelation—a dish both hearty and succulent, showcasing the expertise of the culinary artisans. It was flawlessly complemented by a velvety eggplant puree, a smoky feta cheese that added a delightful dimension, and crispy potatoes that lent a satisfying crunch. Each bite transported us to the lush landscapes of Greece, where the harmony of flavours feasted palates.

Equally delightful was the Greek fresh grouper, an offering that exuded elegance and finesse. The fish, expertly prepared to perfection, boasted a crispy, golden skin that housed succulent, delicate flesh. This delectable creation was accompanied by a bed of velvety broccoli puree, a fluffy cauliflower couscous that added a touch of whimsy, and a fennel hollandaise sauce that elevated the dish to new heights of culinary brilliance.

As the evening drew to a close, we found ourselves basking in the afterglow of a truly extraordinary dining experience. The Metropolis Roof garden restaurant at the Electra Metropolis hotel had whisked us away on a journey of tantalising flavours and awe-inspiring vistas. Our palates rejoiced, our spirits soared, and our memories were forever imprinted with the magic of this unforgettable culinary escapade.

So, my fellow food enthusiasts, if you find yourself in Athens craving an experience that combines gastronomic delights with breathtaking views, look no further than the Metropolis Roof garden restaurant at the Electra Metropolis hotel. Allow the symphony of flavors and the cityscape's splendor to envelope your senses, granting you an experience to treasure forever. Savor each bite, cherish each moment, and allow yourself to be swept away in a culinary adventure that will leave you yearning for more.

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