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Rose Kitchen – Hanoi

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In Hanoi we cooked our dinner ourselves! We went to a fantastic cooking school in an old Vietnamese villa.

The cooking teacher was very friendly and thought us several Vietnamese dishes:

Green Papaya Salad – This salad was very refreshing.

Spring rolls – incredible tasty

BBQ – this was my favourite dish we marinated pork and barbequed it and ate it with rice noodles and a dipping sauce, it was soft sweat sour and salty – just amazing!

Vietnamese Egg Hot Chocolate: My parents had this drink with coffee. Mine was with delicious Vietnamese hot chocolate. Did you know that Vietnam has really good chocolate. I recommend the dark chocolate!

Green Bean Lotus Soup – this soup is made by cooking lotus seeds, it is nice and sweet and makes you very sleepy!

I can highly recommend this cooking school when you are in Hanoi!

That’s it my mini-miche review.


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