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Ricotta Chocolate Dumplings

Today I would like to share one of my favourite Austrian desserts with you.

Delicious ricotta chocolate dumplings rolled in bread crumbs and topped with strawberry raspberry sauce. Just so unbelievable yummy!


130g Cake flour

250g Ricotta cheese


70g Butter

Salt (pinch)


Frozen Lindt Chocolate ball (Any kind you like!)

Red Sauce




Bread crumbs

Icing sugar


1. Prepare all ingredients

2. Beat the egg lightly

3. Mix in ricotta cheese

4. Add in butter and mix lightly

5. Add in salt

6. Gradually add flour and mix well untill smooth texture

7. Rest dough for 15 minutes

8. Heat up about 20 gram of butter and fry the bread crumbs untill golden brown, set aside

9. Wash the strawberry and raspberry, cut strawberries in cubes and put them in the food processor to make a lovely sauce, set aside

10. Cover the frozen Lindt chocolate balls with the dough

11. Boil water and put in the dumplings, wait until the dumplings floats, then let them still cook for a little - approximately 3 minutes cooking time.

12. Scoop out the dumplings and roll them in the fried bread crumbs

13. Arrange on serving plate, top with strawberry- raspberry sauce and a dash of icing sugar

14. Serve and enjoy 😜😍


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