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Marillen Knodel

In Austria one of my favorite dishes are apricot dumplings, or in German marillen knodels. They are similar to Ricotta Chocolate Dumplings, except better. This recipe is from my great great grandmother too, and my grandmother showed me how to make them.

Firstly, you need 250g Topfen/ Quark/Ricotta, in Hong Kong I am not able to find any Topfen so I use Ricotta.

Next you need to add 70g of butter.

Once you have added the butter you need 150g flour, when kneading it you must add more flour. Add flour until the dough is not very sticky and has a nice consistency. Don't forget to add a pinch of salt too.

Now, to make the dumplings you must first take a bit of dough and wrap it around the apricot. You must take the little black bits off on top, and you can press the stone out if you want however it is not necessary as when you eat it you can just spit it out. When wrapping the apricots make the dough as thin as possible.

Furthermore, you shall need to have some boiling water and warm roasted bread crumbs prepared. Place several dumplings in the boiling water to boil until they start to float above the surface. If you are not sure or they seem to be taking too long you can always just take one and cut it in half to see if the apricot is soft and partly melted. Usually they need to boil for around 5 minutes depending on how hard the fruit is.

Lastly place the apricot dumplings straight into the warm breadcrumbs and then you can eat them!

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

  • If the apricot or peaches are soft you can press the stone out with a sugar cube.

  • If you cannot find apricots use peaches or plums.

  • Use a lot of icing sugar on top otherwise it is not very sweet.

  • Roast the breadcrumbs in butter until they are brown


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