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Man Mo

Today I went to a dim sum restaurant in Sheung Wan, Central. The restaurant is in a nice area with lots of quaint little antique shops. It is not a normal Dim Sum restaurant as it has a bit of a twist on the flavours.

It was a fusion of Hong Kong styled dumplings and European flavours.

The order of the dishes was from the lightest flavoured dish to the strongest. I really enjoyed that as it builds up the flavours in your mouth.

The first dish we had was a nice Asian Tuna Tartare which was slightly sour, and very refreshing.

Next, we had Seabass dumplings which had a delicate taste and were juicy.

Our next choice of dumplings were Scallop dumplings, the Scallops were chopped and part of a filling - a nice dish but not my favorite one.

Foie Gras Xia Long Bao, which was unbelievable – it was a delicacy so good that I forgot to take a photo and had to reorder the dumplings, first, it was so unbelievable, and second because I didn’t take a picture.

Reblochon dumplings - was also once again an unbelievable dish. I loved it, although not quite as much as the Foie Gras one.

The Truffle Brie, my absolute favourite – it was phenomenal. With the cheese, and the truffle, it was delicious. All I can say is – I had to order another portion!

As well as the food the service is great. Make sure you book so you don’t get disappointed.

And that is my mini-miche review! I will probably go again.

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