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La Colombe – Cape Town

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We went to La Colombe on Christmas Eve.

To get to La Colombe you drive through a beautiful wine estate. The restaurant is on top of a hill.

We enjoed for dinner the Christmas Eve set menu. The set menu has 10 courses.

When you enter the restaurant you get shown to a tree with nests that has white sprinkled chocolate eggs with a lovely sour juice inside. The staff told me to eat it in one bite so the juice does not spill out and explained that it is a palette cleaner.

Marlin Tataki, Lamb Roti

The first dish you get is the Marlin Tataki, Lamb Roti. The Marlin Tataki is a small snack to start with It has a lime at the bottom then on top of the lime there is Marlin Tataki and on top there is fish you squeeze the lime and then eat everything except for the lime. The Tataki tastes like tartare and the fish is delicious and fresh. The other snack is the lamb Roti it is pork rib in a tiny pancake the pork rib is so soft that you can just pull the bone out easily.

Spiced Pork drippings ,Chorizo

The next snack is a bread with a butter that has some spices and chorizo in it. I tried it with some bread and it tasted delicious. The name of this dish is spiced pork drippings, chorizo.

Mussel, Passion fruit ,Curry

As third dish I enjoyed a passion fruit filled with curry with mussels. It is delicious It tastes of creamy mild curry sauce and the sweetness of passion fruit. I loved it.

Tuna “La Colombe”

Next my friends it is Tuna “la Colombe” it looks like can food from the super market but when you open it is an amazing piece of art made out of Yellowfin tuna, Guacamole , cumin, chipotle, citrus. It tastes of nice lemony foam with delicious fine tuna cubes.

Kerala Style Pork belly, Prawn ,yogurt ,coriander

As fifth dish I enjoyed Kerala Style Pork Belly, juicy Prawn, yogurt and coriander. The pork is a nice and soft succulent meat that you enjoy with a juicy prawn and the yoghurt sauce. I liked the combination of tastes.

Mandarin and Kalamansi

This is another pallet cleanser made from mandarin and kalamansi sorbet. It comes in a shape of a Mandarin and has a thin layer that keeps the sorbet inside. The dish is very impressive as you can see from my picture below! It is presented under a tree with dry ice fog.

Duck breast, parsnip, Endive , Lavender

The seventh dish is duck breast, parsnip, Endive , Lavender. The duck is slightly smoked and tastes very juicy. It melts on your tongue.

Smoked Gruyere, Apricot , Rhubarb

Next came the smoked Gruyere, apricot , rhubarb. The very nice waiter told me that this cheese won several gold medals and you know why when you taste it! It tastes very fine and slightly smokey.

Cherry, Bahibe Milk Chocolate, Stracciatella

As ninth dish came a fantastic chocolate dish called cherry, bahibe milk chocolate, stracciatella . It comes with delicious dark chocolate sticks on the top. I asked how they were made and the pastry chef explained us that your pour hot chocolate from a syringe into cold water so it gets hard and then they put fine green cake dust on it. The lovely lady even brought me more of these delicious twigs.

Garden treats

Last but not least came the garden treats which were sensational. Sticks that had chocolate truffles on shape of acorns hanging down. They were soft and melty inside.

Below the tree could find where delicious vanilla flavored macrons.

As the portions are the perfect size, I could manage to eat all courses.

This is one of the best restaurants I have ever visited! I can highly recommend it!

Mini-Miche tip: Book several months before to ensure you get a table!

That’s it my mini-miche review.


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