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Kazuya – Auckland

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Around 2 months ago I was in New Zealand and visited this amazing restaurant.

When I walked into Kazuya it looked very simple and elegant like a Japanese restaurant.

The food there is very tasty and had lots of different textures.

We first had an amuse-bouche that looked very pretty.

Next we had some delicious clams followed by a kingfisher sashimi. The Sashimi and Sea Urchin was so delicate and fine it just melted on your tongue. I had a few times Sashimi and Sea Urchin because the sea urchin in Auckland is really good and fresh.

The next course was kumara (that's what Kiwis and Aussies call sweet potato) and sausage and Shrimp. The next dish I had was a duck which was soft and tasty.

Next we got some tooth fish which was nice and soft. I never had toothfish before, it is a very fleshy fish which had no bones. Delicious!

The next dish was probably one of my favourite dishes - wagyu beef. I love wagyu beef. It was soft and cooked medium rare.

As dessert I had a mango sorbet with jelly and Nashi (which is a Japanese pear) and then we had a big chocolate thing on it that had a bit of cherry and chocolate mousse with a few different chocolatey things. Yumm! Last but not least we even got some small cookies to take home.

I left with a very happy and full belly!

That's all my mini-micheing for today.


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