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When I walked into Honjo I thought it was a Modern restaurant but when I got out of the elevator I walked into a Vintage styled restaurant. I was escorted to the table and looked at the menu. I ordered for starter Otoro and for the sushi / sashimi set I ordered the sashimi set- Salmon, akami, Hamani, 2 pcs each. And for the main course I had Salmon teriyaki and Wagyu striploin (I shared it with my mum) and last for dessert I ordered the macha lava cake. So first I got the Otoro and it was thin and light and perfect. It was amazing! Probably the best marinated Tuna I have ever had! Next arrived the Sashimi set. My favourite was the Salmon and the akami they were both smooth, tasty and amazing. The Hamani was also tasty but not as much. Then I got my Salmon teriyaki. On the outside it was crispy and on the inside soft and had no bones and you barely had to chew. It was such a delicacy. Last I had the macha lava cake. I liked it but the macha was just a bit too strong for me but was otherwise amazing!

I loved this Italian and Japanese fusion restaurant!

And that is my Mini-Miche review!

Mini-Miche Super tips: - Order the Otoro

- Have a sofa table so you are not in the middle of the room

- Temperature is good so no need for a jacket


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