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Herzl - Salzburg

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

My mum is from Austria and I go back to Austria every year to see my grandparents who live in Vienna.

This year we went to the Salzkammergut an area with beautiful mountains and Lakes.

One day we went to Salzburg and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Herzl.

I ordered a Wiener Schnitzel which is mouth-wateringly good!

A Schnitzel is made by taking a slice of veal (traditional) or pork and by hitting it with a meat hammer until it is flat.

Then it gets covered with a bit of flour, then dunked into mixed raw egg, then into bread crumbs and then deep fried in sunflower oil.

It is served with cranberry sauce and potato salad. I absolutely love it and could eat it every day!

As dessert I had Salzburger Nockerl. They are huge and fluffy and soft and filled with cranberry sauce.


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