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Are you with your friends or family in Tung Chung? Well, if so, I would recommend going to Goobne. Goobne is a Korean restaurant that has a lot of tasty dishes.

Goobne is on the top floor of Citygate in the new area of the shopping center. After or before you have lunch or dinner in Goobne you visit the cinema or enjoy shopping.

I ordered the cheesy chicken dip. So, you choose 2 kinds of chicken, and you dip them into the melted cheese. I chose the cheesy chicken and the original Korean chicken it is big enough for 2-3 people. I shared it with one other person. The cheese is quite nice. And the chicken is delicious. It is not chewy but warm and delicate. It was probably the best chicken I have ever had.

To drink I ordered a mango slushy that was massive and freezing.

And that's my Mini-Miche review!


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