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Fortnum and Mason Christmas - Hong Kong

As I walked into Fortnum and Mason I looked around at the shop of cookies which is below the restaurant. I walked up the colourful staircase and into the beautiful restaurant. We had to get a table for 2, me and my mum on one and my dad on the other. We could not be on the same table due to Coronavirus. As it was a Christmas menu, we tried something that was not always on the menu. We tried the cote de boeuf which is a steak on the rib for two people. Me and my mum shared the cote boeuf with me. The chef made the sauce Diane in front of us and flambeed. The sauce had mushrooms, wine and brandy in it. It was scrumptious with the meat but alone it was too strong for my taste. The meat was soft and cooked perfectly. It was tasty, and I wished they had it all year. We also got some truffle potato mash and spinach in cream.

After finishing the meat, I was still a bit hungry still so I was thinking should I have the souffle or the crepe suzette? I really wanted the crepe suzette, so I asked for the crepe suzette, but they said that they took it unfortunately off the menu for now and the souffle too, so they added Christmas pudding and another Christmas dish dessert. I ordered the chocolate croissant pudding which was soft and just how a pudding should be.

And that’s my Mini-Miche review!


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