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Fortnum 181 – Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I went to Fortnum Mason in K11 the new shopping mall in TST twice in the last weeks. When you walk into Fortnum mason you enter a shop with wonderful cookies and chocolates. Then you walk up stairs into the restaurant Fortnum 181. It is a big restaurant with lots of sofas and tables and most of them are next to the window. Fortnum 181 has a very nice view over the sea and HK island.

The first time I went for lunch I had as a starter lobster benedict, which you could only have on weekends. The lobster benedict had soft lobster and a poached egg. The eggs were amazing. If you don't care for sauce hollandaise you can ask to have it on the side. For the main course I had lamb. The lamb was nice and soft and delicate. It was called a lamb rack.

The second time I went to Fortnum 181 I had beef tartare. It was soft and scrumptious with lots of different textures. It was hand cut! As dessert we shared chocolate tart with sour cream ice cream, crepe suzette and pavlova. While the chocolate tarte was definetly my favourite it was fun to watch the crepe suzette getting put on fire.

For the main course I had lobster with spaetzle. It was tasty, especially the lobster and then the spaetzle are a kind of pasta that was pan-fried in butter or oil with a creamy lobster sauce. It was a very rich and tasty dish. The dessert was also amazing, I had a chocolate tarte with sour cream ice-cream.

That's all my mini-micheing for today.


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