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On a beautiful little street in Recoleta Argentina is a restaurant called Fervor. Fervor is on Pesados and has an outdoor section next to the street. The restaurant is dimly lit in a romantic and elegant way. Fervor is a stunning restaurant with an upstairs balcony section where you can look down on the street.

I went to the restaurant twice, the first time I shared a seafood platter. There was a range of seafood, each cooked in a unique way. The second time I tried sweetbread. It was delicious! However I was unable to eat much as it is very fatty and made of either the thymus which is the throat of the lamb, cow or pig, or it is made of the pancreas which is near the stomach. I also shared a steak which was cooked to perfection. It had the perfect texture that was not chewy and the flavor seemed to burst in my mouth as I bit into the steak.

For desert I had a Dulce de lece dessert which was out of this world. You were able to select an ice cream and I would reccomend going for vanilla as the dulce de leche ice cream is a bit over the top and the vanilla ice cream combats the delightful yet strong sweetness of the Dulce De Leche. Dulce de Leche is a kind of caramel. You can get it nearly anywhere and every time I went into a restaurant I cherished the moments of eating the dulce de leche.

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

- I would recommend to bring a cardigan

- Try the dulce de leche dessert

- Try one of the steaks


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