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Canton Pot

I was at a hot pot restaurant for dinner called Canton Pot, on Canton Road in Mong Kok.

Canton Pot is a Cantonese restaurant. Scientists have known for a long time that hot pot meals can enhance friendship and unite family or colleagues as several people sit around a pot, talking and eating.

Canton Pot has a wide range of different kinds of foods, such as hot pot, seafood, meat, and dumplings. When I went to Canton Pot, I chose the Buddha’s Delight hot pot set. The hot pot bowl was divided into two sections. There was a light chicken soup that was delicious and similar to a soup you would have with noodles. The second soup was also a chicken soup and a lot heavier. It was quite rich, and the chicken was black. This is because the soup was cooked for 6 - 7 hours.

The delicacies that served with the soup were on a silver cake stand.

The first layer consisted of iberico pork and local beef chuck. The iberico pork was one of my favorite delicacies of all. It was soft and not chewy. It tasted divine in the rich chicken soup. The beef chuck was also tasty but did not meet the level of divine like the iberico pork. Even after being put in the soup for quite a long time, the beef chuck was still quite chewy and was not very flavorful.

The middle layer had mushroom meatballs and tofu. The tofu was a nice touch to the set and the mushroom meatballs were succulent and very flavorful.

The bottom plate was filled with tofu rolls, mushrooms, and some noodles for the soup. The tofu rolls were quite filling and tasted very well with the soups. The mushrooms were something healthy out of all the dishes. The thin noodles added a tasty touch to the dish.

The staff were very friendly especially Simon Lee who is the Director of Operations. For dessert I had the chocolate fondue. The chocolate was dark chocolate and was liquid. You could dip strawberries, marshmallows and mochis in the chocolate fondue. It was mouth-watering. To drink I had the homemade sugar cane juice, which is in a bottle and is perfect for sharing with you family or friends.

Mini-Miche super tips:

- Bring a cardigan.

- Order the buddha’s delight hot pot set.

- Go with friends or family.

- Order the chocolate fondue.

And that is my Mini-Miche review


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