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Buenos Aires Polo Club - HK

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Buenos Aires Polo Club - Brunch on the Dragon Boat Festival Public Holiday on 7th June.

I enjoyed a fantastic brunch at the Buenos Aires Polo Club in the heart of LKF.

What I loved most were the delicious fresh oyster, crab legs, the cheese and the ham as starters.

As a main course the scrumptious medium rare prime rib that gets cut into soft delicious slices is fantastic! It melted on the tongue - sooo yummy !!!!

And the dessert that I would recommend are delicious cookies with dulce de leché and then the house speciality which is a kind of french toast from banana bread flambé.. I am not sure I use the correct words here but it tastes fantastic.

Staff is very friendly and even brought me a scarf when I was feeling cold : )

That’s it - my personal mini-miche review. 


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