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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I went to Zuma with my family, which is a Japanese restaurant. We were sitting in the upper floor on a very comfortable high table with a sofa seat. To eat, I chose the brunch menu which included free flow raspberry ice lemon tea which was refreshing. Furthermore, you can order as much of a dish as you like from the starters.

First in the set menu I had edamame peas which were fresh and delicious. My next starter was beef tataki with truffle ponzo, which was soft and tender, I loved it and ordered it again.

The waiters and waitresses were very attentive and brought us whatever we liked again.

we enjoyed the fresh oysters and asked for the dressing on the side as I prefer the oyster taste without overpowering flavours. The oysters were excellent and we reordered them!

After that I had the fried tofu which was a bit spicy but was still delicious as the texture was soft and perfect.

The seared salmon was delicious especially with the strong lemon taste, which made it taste fresh.

Another dish I had was shrimps and vegetable tempura. It was quite filling but still delicious as the shrimps were very soft and flavorful.

After that I had the Japanese potato salad, which had been made perfectly.

Lastly, I had the selection of sushi, which was tuna, salmon and many other types of fresh sushi. The fish was fresh and soft.

For main course I had the spicy beef tenderloin, however I asked for the sauce to be on the side. The beef tenderloin was soft and tender and melted on my tongue! The flavor was not too strong but it was still flavorful.

For dessert was ice cream and fruit, which was a tasty ending to the brunch, the ice cream was homemade but it did not taste as though it was. I especially liked the presentation on a huge rock of ice! It looked very impressive.


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