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Smat is a Qatarian restaurant, and all Qatar food was inspired by Persian food. The interior was very elegant and pretty, with lots of blue and white.

First to drink I ordered a karak tea, this is black tea with saffron and cardamon. It is amazing as the spice adds extra flavor also adding a slight sweetness.

To eat I had shrimp that was deep-fried the shrimp was soft and has lots of flavor, it was also quite warm and scrumptious and you bit into it.

I also had lamb shank which was delicious, I believe the lamb in Qatar is always cooked in a delicious way.

For desert I had Oriental Kunafa which was stuffed with dates and cheese and covered with some saffron syrup, pistachio and cardamon. I had tried this before but this was amazing and is something I would definitely recommend to anyone coming to this restaurant. The crunch, the texture and the flavor were all mesmerizing.

ry voool the interior the interior is decorated in a Qatarish Arabian way

Food is very good

Drink Karak

Nice view

Its on the second floor so dont get confused, as I did at first

Best to share different dishes as many amazing dishes.


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