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TokyoLima - Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Saturday brunch at a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in Central.

You see a grey door in the wall, blending in with the surrounding buildings. On the door, a sign announces TokyoLima. I open it. TokyoLima! There are counters when you walk in with the staff welcoming you in. They are very nice. They ask for your booking and bring you to your table. The decoration was quite elegant, with the main colours being dark brown and grey. I looked at the menu and ordered an earl grey lemonade. It was a refreshing drink.

Then the food from the brunch menu started coming….

"Ki-mo-chi" Fried Chicken, Chicken thighs kara-age / spicy soy tare

The chicken had a crispy layer on the outside and on the inside was soft and moist. When I first looked at it I thought you can get this in a lot of places but when I tried it, mmm… the chicken was amazing but it was spicy because it had this spicy powder on top. Then they gave me a non-spicy one as I don’t like spicy food so much.

Ceviche Clásico Seabass / tiger's milk / red onion / coriander / cancha

The Ceviche was light and refreshing. The fish was slightly sour, which is the normal style for ceviche.

Tuna Tartare Raw tuna / fresh watermelon / soy citrus / sweet potato chips / avocado

The tuna was delicious but had too much soya sauce.

You can choose one main course per person, and I was with my mum so we shared two main courses. We chose the chicken and the slow cooked beef.

Pollo a la Parrilla Grilled chicken thigh / anticuchera sauce / rustic potato mash

The chicken was soft and had crunchy skin. I loved it but it came second compared to the other main course.

Seco de Res Slow cooked beef short ribs / coriander gravy / pickled onion

The slow cooked beef was the highlight of the meal. The beef was so soft that you could cut it with the side of your fork. I loved it! The sauce was mild and didn’t overpower the beef.

Chocolate brownie cake with cream and strawberries

The chocolate brownie cake was very chocolatey and was extremely sweet.

Mini-miche super tips

Choose the slow-cooked beef!

Unlike most restaurants in Hong Kong, the restaurant temperature was good and I didn’t need a cardigan!

Request a table with a sofa, because they are really comfy.

And That’s my mini-miche review!


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