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Te Quiero Mucho

For today’s Mini-Miche review we are at Te Quiero Mucho. Te Quiero Mucho is a Mexican restaurant which is located on Queen’s Road 286. The restaurant has 2 floors. Upstairs was slightly bigger while downstairs was the kitchen and a couple of tables.

We first got our 2 tacos. On the menu known as Al Pastor. It was a soft corn tortilla with some pork and guacamole on top. I was not that sure how it would taste. But when I tried it, it was exceptional. The second taco was filled with chicken, salad leaves, and pineapple. In my opinion the second taco was filled up a bit too much and was hard to eat. I enjoyed it and it was delicious. Out of the 2 tacos the Al Pastor was my favourite.

For the last savoury dish, we had nachos! The Nachos had lots of cheese on them and red cabbage in between too. The cheese and nachos were super tasty while I was not so keen on eating the red cabbage with the nachos.

For dessert I had churros with a chocolate sauce that had cinnamon in the sauce. The churros were very tasty. They were not too sweet and had a nice texture for the dough.

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

You do not need a cardigan

Order the Al pastor taco

You get 1 taco when you buy the tacos so you need to buy more than one


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