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Sydney Fish Market

Sydney is well-known for its pristine oceans and delicious seafood. Therefore, the next time you go to Sydney I would recommend going to the Sydney fish market. Sadly, I was only able to try one of the dazzling restaurants decorated in seafood, but it did not disappoint. The Boat Shed is at the front of the fish market and serves breakfast items such as the lobster benedict which I would highly recommend. On your plate there will be a thick slice of sourdough topped with two creamy perfectly cooked poached eggs which ooze out the bright yellow egg yolk once you tuck in. But the most exciting part is at the very top. Upon it you will see a large piece of lobster still in the shell which grants you the pleasure of pulling it out. The lobster is flavourful and cooked to perfection. Altogether, it is the perfect combination. With the salty lobster, creamy eggs and slight sharp taste of the sourdough.

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

- Sit outside for a view of the ocean

- After your meal walk around the rest of the fish market

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