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Today I visited Percy’s which is located next to the escalators in Central. The restaurant focuses on responsible sourced seafood and takes his name from the English poet Percy Shelley.

When I went to Percy I chose the lunch menu.

For the starter of the lunch menu I chose the lobster bisque which was creamy and flavorsome. It had a lovely lobster taste but was not as thick as in other restaurants which was perfect as that meant I had plenty of space for my main course. It also was a good size, not too big but not tiny.

Followed by a meaty succulent burger that was perfectly cooked as requested medium rare. As side I choose the potatoes which were delicious but massive. The portion was so generous that I could take some home for dinner.

Try out Percy's!

Mini-Miche super tips:

  • Order the lunch menu - have potatoes on the side

  • Have the lobster bisque

And that is my mini-miche review!


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