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Parisa is located in a Souq, which is a market. This market has many things ranging from falcons to clothes, toys to spices. Within this market is the Parisa.

Parisa has Iranian food which is very similar to Qatar food, Qatar food was even inspired from it. They had starters such as hummus and ones with olives.

At the Parisa I ordered a tea with rose and saffron, which you dipped your stick of sugar in to add some sweetness, which was something new but delicious.

To eat I had a grilled lamb which was soft, as it was marinated in yoghurt before with a side of saffron rice. It was unusually soft as it was marinated in the yoghurt. The texture was quite different to normal lamb, with having a softer and smoother texture.

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

  • Come early and first look around the Souq

  • Try something from the grilled section

  • You may want to bring a cardigan for it was rather cool


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