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Madame Fu

For my birthday I went with my parents to Madame Fu for lunch. Madame Fu is located in Central and is where the old police station used to be. I decided to order the gourmet set menu. The first dish was a dim sum basket that had 4 different kinds of dim sum. The first one was a crystal shrimp dumpling; it was delicious because the shrimp was very tender and succulent. The second dumpling was a mushroom and truffle dumpling, the truffle complimented the mushrooms and is an appetizing combination. The third dumpling was a Char Siu Bao which had BBQ pork in it. It was tasty but I think the chefs should have added their own flair to the Char Siu Bao dumpling. The last dumpling we had was the seafood dumpling which had shrimp and lobster in it, it was the perfect combination to make your mouth water. After the dumplings we got served pork belly. It was amazing because the meat of the pork was very soft and the crispy crust on top of the pork added a crunch to the soft pork. My only point of criticism is that it was a bit too salty for my taste. For the main course I picked the fried rice which came with wok fried pak choi and was very soft. The fried rice was a bit bland, it would have been nice to add some meat or fish and some egg. For dessert I had an ice cream and since it was my birthday I also received a brownie which was soft and had a deep chocolate flavor and was not too sweet.

Mini-Miche Super Tips:

- Bring a cardigan

- Make sure you try the dumplings

- Order the pork belly it is delicious!

And that's my Mini-Miche review!


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