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Harbourside Grill– Hong Kong

The harbourside grill is tucked away on the fourth floor of Ocean terminal in TST. You have a wonderful view of Hong Kong Island and the star ferry. It also has a nice terrace, but it was too hot to sit outside. First, I had oysters which were slightly salty, slightly creamy and just super tasty. Then I had an amuse bouche which was a little small piece of goat cheese with truffle in between 2 pieces of crunchy pastry, which was super tasty. And for main course I had a Sirloin steak from Argentina medium rare. It was juicy, soft and tasted scrumptious. I order big cut fries with it.

So, when you are in TST and want a good steak with a view this is a nice restaurant.

That's all my mini-micheing for today.


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