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Greek Donuts

Within Athens is a hidden gem which celebrates Greek delicacies. Imagine stepping into this wooden shop, a mix of vintage and modern with Halva, plates, cups, and all sorts of mouth-watering treats. Right in the center of what I would call paradise, there's a coffee shop with an olive tree in the middle, stealing the spotlight.

After seeing this shop I was obliged to have a beverage and snack. I tried a twist on Greek Donuts. These donuts are similar to regular ones, but with a surprise inside that causes jaws to drop. Picture biting into a fluffy donut and then BAM! You're hit with the most heavenly filling – Papadopoulou chocolate cookies. It might sound strange and uncanny, yet my sweet tooth relishes it. Yup, cookies INSIDE the donuts! My sweet tooth is already doing the happy dance.

These golden goodies are not only a feast for the eyes but also for your taste buds. They're perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside, and seem to melt-in-your-mouth once you reach the inside. They are also topped with a rich chocolate sauce and ice cream taking the taste to another level. These donuts are an explosion of flavour perfect for a snack within the day with your crew when you are roaming the streets of Athens.

So, if you're in Athens and up for a delicious treat that is a mixture of tradition with surprising twists, I would reccomend visiting this shop. That's my Mini-Miche review.


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