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Gascoigne Room - United Service Recreation Club - Hong Kong

The Gascoigne Room at the United Service Recreation Club

The USRC is a club and you have to be a member to go there or a member can invite you.

You can do different kinds of sports at the club like swimming, tennis, lawn bowling, squash and others.

There are two restaurant the Garden Café and the Gascoigne Room. 

The Gascoigne Room is a nice fine dining restaurant upstairs of the lobby. The restaurant has nice comfy seating and you can see the pool and garden from the window. 

There are lots of delicious dishes and I have been there quite a lot of times. So, I will review different dishes. The beef tartar has a lovely taste and melts on your tongue its scrumptious. The Hokkaido scallops are just the best they are creamy and soft they are one of the best starters I have ever had in the Gascoigne.  

As a main course I would recommend the tiger prawns as they are very tasty. They are a bit salty and soft and creamy.   

The seafood platter is shared between 3 – 4 people. It has oysters, crab, snails, lobster and prawns. The seafood tastes amazing but my favourite is the crab because it was so refreshing and I love the slight saltiness. The crab legs are from New Zealand. The oysters are also fresh and crisp. The snails are quite tough and chewy and not my favourites but my mum likes them. The lobster is also delicious, a bit salty and meaty- it was really good! The prawns are succulent but when you hold them and peel of the shell it makes your fingers really cold.

And don’t forget a jacket! It's very cold in the restaurant but definitely worth visiting whenever you get an opportunity!

And that’s my mini-miche review!


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