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Fortnum and Mason - Christmas

For Christmas I went to Fortnum & Mason located in Tsim Tsa Tsui in K11 Musea with my parents. The original Fortnum & Mason is in Picadilly, London, but they now have a store and restaurant in Hong Kong.

I decided to order the beef wellington, one of Fortnum’s specialties, which my mum and I shared.

The beef wellington had perfectly cooked beef in the middle which was delicious, then a layer of mushroom and truffle, and on the outer layer some puffy dough which made a mouth-watering combination. The mushroom and truffle added a flair to the beef and puffy dough. The beef wellington was one of the best beefs I had ever had.

For dessert I once again shared the Flambee crepes. They were crepes with mixed berries and had some liqueur which it was cooked with.

The cooking is quite theatrical, and they bring the kitchen to your table; they cut the beef wellington on a trolley next to your table, and the crepes are also cooked right next to your table!

Mini-Miche Tips:

- Bring a cardigan

- Order the beef wellington to share with someone

- Order the Flambee crepes with mixed berries

And that is my mini-miche review.


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