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Duck and Waffle

One day I went for a tasty breakfast in the IFC in Central at a restaurant called Duck and Waffle. The restaurant was decorated with giant green duck statues. As the restaurant is called Duck and Waffle I had to try the Duck and Waffle. The duck confit leg was succulent and cooked well. The buttermilk waffle was not too sweet, which made it go well with the duck. On top was a fried duck egg. I really enjoyed letting the thick creamy yoke pour over the duck and the waffle before having a bite. It was delicious. On the side was a sauce of mustard and maple syrup that in my view was not needed. As second dish I ordered a beef tartar. The beef tartar was nicely spiced and melted on my tongue. It had pickled onions, marmite cured egg yolk and dripping croutes.

Mini-Miche super tips:

1. Bring a cardigan as it is a bit cold.

2. Order the special Duck and Waffle.

And that’s my Mini-Miche review!


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