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Doyles on the Beach – Sydney

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Around 2 months ago I was in Sydney and visited again my favorite seafood restaurant in Sydney. we took a ferry to Watson's Bay where you can find Doyles.

You need to make sure you book a table and best ask for one outside so you can look at the sea and the skyline of Sydney.

I love the cold seafood platter. It had lovely oysters, scrumptious fleshy crab, giant mussels, shrimp,....The oysters were so good that I did not manage to make a photo before eating them. Oops! I especially loved the soft delicious crab. Unfortunately they had no Moreton Bay Bug which is also great but you only get it sometimes. It is not actually a bug but a kind of lobster. As dessert I had a delicious Mango cheese cake. What I love about Australian food is that all the ingredients are so fresh, nothing needs to be flown in like in HK.

That's all my mini-micheing for today.




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