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Chesa – Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

One Day after school, I went to the restaurant called Chesa. Chesa is in the Peninsula, which is one of the finest hotels in Hong Kong and the world. It looked like an old cottage but it was a restaurant. It was a fondue restaurant, fondue is a dish of melted cheese and I absolutely love cheese .I could not wait to eat the baguette which is cut into pieces that you dipped in the melted cheese (if you are a child ask for no wine in the cheese fondue). The name of that dish was fondue Moitie-Moitie served with baguette. I was so excited and I could not wait for melted cheese feast to turn up. When i out the first bite of baguette with the Moite-Moite cheese fondue in my mouth it had a delicious melted cheese taste. It was so good to have some hot food in your belly, especially since it is winter and cold in Hong Kong. For dessert I ordered a chocolate souffle. It was soft with the taste of magnificent chocolate. Yum! The Moite-Moite Cheese fondue and the chocolate souffle were so good the thought of them makes me even now hungry.

That’s it my mini-miche review!


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Dec 15, 2019

Ohhh, you are making me hungry too now!

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