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Aqua – Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

This Saturday I went for brunch to Aqua. They serve an Italian and Japanese set menu.

First you get a bread dip and some nice bread. A little bit later they serve you ham, prosciutto and cheese.

Afterwards you get an amazing seafood platter which has oysters. The oysters are from Japan and are sooo good. They are sweet, not too salty and a bit creamy, they are perfect. You get also delicious sashimi and makis.

On the side is a little pot with tuna topped with caviar.

As next course you get delicious wagyu beef, that you grill yourself. At the same time you get a lamb chop and some shrimp.

Finally the fantastic brunch is topped with an amazing dessert buffet. My favorite part was the chocolate fountain where you could dip marsh mellows into it. I also loved the macrons and the chocolates!

I can really recommend this brunch.

That’s it my mini-miche review!



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