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Afternoon Tea at the Palm Court in the Langham – Hong Kong

I went for a lovely afternoon tea in a hotel called The Langham in TST. We went there for a one-night stay-cation .

Moving on, the afternoon tea is to your right when you walk inside the lobby from where the Taxi drops you off. The restaurant called Palm Court had comfy seating. 

The presentation of the afternoon tea is quite impressive. The afternoon tea gets served on a very tall cake stand that must be more than a meter tall!

The Afternoon tea has salty and sweet dishes. you can enjoy a mango Mille-Feuille which was scrumptious. There were deep fried cheese balls, the cheese was tasty and it was stringy. 

Another nice dish was a pastry with some green veggies mashed in the middle and half a boiled egg on top.

Carrot soup was served in glasses decorated with a flower, But I don’t like carrots so much so I just gave the soup to my mum. 

Another dish was a dark bread with lobster on top it was mmmm… sooo tasty.

One other small dish was duck liver on a small bread. It was not the best but it was pretty good. 

At the end I ate the scones with jam, whipped cream and another delicious jam. YUMMY!

That's all my mini-micheing for today.


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