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Above and Beyond - Hong Kong

Above and Beyond is a modern Cantonese restaurant. It’s located on the top floor of the Icon Hotel. We had a table in a corner of the restaurant and had amazing views over the east and west harbour. The room had cool décor. The lights looked like spikes and the middle spike had a light. There are still social distancing measures, so we had to sit on 2 tables my dad on one and me and my mum on the other. The first dish I had was Smoked egg with Oolong tea and black truffle. The black truffle with the egg yolk made it taste super creamy. And the outside tasted like a tea egg. We wanted to order wok fried duck and Goose with plum sauce, but they ran out of both so if you want any of that you better order in advance. Instead we ordered Wok - Fried Wagyu Beef with figs and Chinese yam. The Wagyu beef was very tasty, it was not very chewy at all. But I did not like the Sauce was too sweet and did not taste as good as it would have without the sauce. I don’t really like sweet sauces. Next, we ate the honey glazed barbequed pork. The pork was soft and had a good barbeque taste. It was one of my favourite dishes. Next, we got the choi sum. One of my favourite vegetables is pak choi and choi sum is similar, so I ordered choi sum. I also love garlic with choi sum, so I ordered it with garlic. Then for dessert I had homemade lemon tart with crispy hazelnut waffle. I loved the lemon taste with the crunchy taste of the waffle. Then to drink I had Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea. I didn’t like it that much because the taste was too strong for me, so I only had a cup or two.

Mini-miche super tips:

Ask for a window table, and be there at 8pm to see the harbour light show

The smoked egg is amazing, and so is the pork!

And as most places in Hong Kong bring a jacket or cardigan.

And That’s my mini-miche review!


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