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I was going fabric shopping in Sham Shui Po because I wanted to find some fabric to get to make skirts, when I stopped here for lunch. Roppongi looked really cool from the outside. The restaurant exterior is wooden, and not concrete like the other buildings in the street. I walked inside the Japanese restaurant. Getting a table for me and my mum. I ordered a sashimi platter and some beef rib. The Sashimi platter arrived first. There were lots of different kinds of sashimi. There was the chewy but delicious octopus. Next there was a tuna which was soft and perfect, and not chewy at all. I then ate the salmon, which was mouth-watering and full of flavour. The final part of the sashimi platter was a delectable yellow tail. Finally, the beef arrived. It had a slightly barbequed taste which I would have liked to be a little stronger. It was served on top of a fire which made it look quite cool.

Mini-miche super tips:

Order the beef ribs!

The restaurant temperature was fine, no need for a cardigan.

Choose a table next with the sofa bench chairs.

The staff speak very good English.

While you are at Sham Shui Po, visit the fabric shops on Ki Leung Street and Yu Chau Street. Sham Shui Po used to be the textile manufacturing center.

And that's my Mini-Miche review


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