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For today’s restaurant review I am at a Japanese restaurant which is located at Hotel Hong Kong. I went with 2 of my friends. Since one of them is moving to a different country.

We sat on a big square table which had the chef placed in the middle grilling the food. The waiters would hand him the food to cook. Then the chef would use this long wooden paddle to serve food to the customers.

We started the meal with some tasty edamame beans.

Next, we had some cod fish. It was exceptionally soft and had a smooth texture.

The next barbequed snack were ginko beans they were slightly bitter but were very appealing.

The following dish were chicken wings they had a balanced barbecue taste that was not too strong and not too light.

Now, one of my favorite dishes at this restaurant. The steak. It was cooked perfectly and had a slightly barbecue taste and was satisfactory.

After the steak I was served the octopus. It was also one of my favorite dishes. The octopus was not chewy unlike most. It was finger-licking good.

The final dish was the rice dumpling. The middle was salmon encased with rice the outside slightly crispy.

For a Robatayaki experience I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Mini-Miche super tips:

Go with a few people to share lots of different plates.

No need of cardigan.

Order the steak and the octopus as they are one of the best dishes in my opinion.

If you want to see the chef cooking sit on the side for the best view of the cooking.

Alternatively, sit in front of the cook to see the food options best.


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