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‌I went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch in Sai Ying Pun which is just a few minutes west of Central. The interior decor was spectacular, with Japanese umbrellas and warrior armor. I started my meal with a portion of pork belly. The texture was nice and soft and had a light touch of barbecue; it was my favourite.

Next we had the salmon and rice. They were similar to sushi rolls and it was really tasty. In the middle was salmon which was wrapped in a layer of seaweed and rice, and that made it really tasty and work well.

Thirdly we had a ceviche which was a mixture of many different fish. I really enjoyed it because the fish was very fresh. On the side it had a shrimp salad and it really worked well together because they had different textures.

To drink I had a hot matcha tea.

Mini-Miche super tips:

- Order the pork belly and the ceviche

- No need for a cardigan.

- It's fun to walk there from Central because you can walk through all the fun little clothes shops on High Street.

And that is my Mini-Miche review


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