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6 Heads

I went to 6Heads a couple of months ago. 6Heads is in the Rocks at the seafront. If you want a good seat with a nice view of the sea then you have to book it in advance. The seats are very comfy.

The food in 6 heads was so good I forgot to take pictures before eating it and had to take some photos from trip advisor.

For a starter we had a kingfish ceviche it was tasty, soft and FRESH. The kingfish ceviche in 6heads is amazing it’s so fresh and so good that I can’t explain it!

For main course I had Wagyu beef with roasted hassleback potatoes crème fraiche, salmon roe, caviar and chives. Another side dish that I enjoyed was the Broccollini with XO butter, toasted peanuts and crispy eschallots. I really enjoyed 6Heads!

That's it - my mini-miche review!



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